Andrew and Jay Bullock - Lilyfield

"Chris and his team at Burmah Constructions have completed a number of renovations for us now and each has been very successful.
There are three things we really appreciate about working with Chris:

1. He can get the work done very quickly. In our first renovation, Chris gutted a 5 bedroom house in August and had us living in it fully renovated by Christmas.

2. He and his team work to a high quality and they complete the job, even when there seem to be impossible hurdles. Five years after our first renovation we still get compliments on the finishing in our house. On a separate job, Chris has also solved, in a very clever and effective way, a seemingly intractable problem with damp in an old house that resisted all conventional methods of repair.

3. Chris never gets ruffled by the stress and people management issues which residential building involves. Our jobs have variously involved stressed clients, changing architectural input, lovely but slightly scatty designers and deliveries sourced by all of the above. In contrast to his clients, Chris has handled all the resulting chaos and tension without ever raising his voice, complaining or skipping a beat!

In short, we have no hesitation in recommending Chris and his team. When you renovate, you hand over responsibility for a lot of your family's daily happiness and your hard earned money to your builder. Trust is therefore very imporant, and you can trust Chris to get the job done."