Mansour Ardestani - Seaforth House

Chris and his team from Burmah impressed us from the initial tendering stage of our project right thru to the completion of our new house. Burmah was recommended to us by a close friend and we are extremely glad we chose Burmah to build our new house. From the onset there were some extremely difficult obstacles and problems to overcome but they were all managed in a very professional and efficient manner. The potential dramas of dealing with consultants, contractors and also neighbours, were identified early and managed well which resulted in a stable and comfortable working environment for all.

We were greatly impressed with the attention to detail shown by the foreman Daniel during the structural phase and especially during the finishes stages. As a result the final outcome was absolutely outstanding, the budget was maintained to our original target and the project was finished ontime. We had an extremely pleasant experience building our new home with Chris and his team and we would highly recommend him to anyone contemplating a project like this.

Caspar Wright - Redfern

Burmah undertook a difficult project for us, renovating a heritage cottage and building a large modern extension. All the team were a pleasure to deal with, and the site manager effectively identified potential issues from the plans well before decisions had to be made. When unforseen issues did arise, they proposed sensible solutions to overcome them. Relationships with the neighbours were well managed, with several people going out of their way to praise the team. The building was finished almost on schedule, with minimal variations, and to an extremely high standard throughout. I highly recommend Burmah Constructions and they’ll be the first people I call if we ever undertake another project.

David and Donna - Annandale

So why Burmah? The simple answer is that Chris met our critical requirements!

Chris and his very competent and friendly team (both staff and sub-contractors) provided us with a significant amount of comfort and ease throughout the 8 month project. They treated the house as if it were their own and it was always a pleasure to see them all having a laugh and enjoying their work. In our children's mind, they were an extension of our family. When the boys left the site, the children were a little lost as they didn't have their friends around!

The strengths Chris and his team brought to our project were:

1. Communication - clear and concise communication, Chris was available either via email or phone all hours of the day/night
2. Friendly - friendly, happy and easy to work alongside - they never lost their cool and the site always had a good feel about it
3. Quality - high quality craftsmanship
4. Surrounding people - employing and selecting quality people to work with him (our foreman Daniel was an amazing and talented person)
5. Educated us - educated us along the way so we could make more informed decisions
6. Empathy - empathetic to our situation, tight timeframe and budget
7. Regular reporting - clear and simple progress reporting
8. Work with all people - happy to work with sub-contractors which we brought to the project
9. Flexible - was happy for us to manage the project and have our architect consult to us
10. Cost control - we understood all variances

We are sure there are many more but the most important is that Chris and his team were able to convert our paper based dream home into reality on time, on budget and with very, very limited stress!

Andrew and Jay Bullock - Lilyfield

"Chris and his team at Burmah Constructions have completed a number of renovations for us now and each has been very successful.
There are three things we really appreciate about working with Chris:

1. He can get the work done very quickly. In our first renovation, Chris gutted a 5 bedroom house in August and had us living in it fully renovated by Christmas.

2. He and his team work to a high quality and they complete the job, even when there seem to be impossible hurdles. Five years after our first renovation we still get compliments on the finishing in our house. On a separate job, Chris has also solved, in a very clever and effective way, a seemingly intractable problem with damp in an old house that resisted all conventional methods of repair.

3. Chris never gets ruffled by the stress and people management issues which residential building involves. Our jobs have variously involved stressed clients, changing architectural input, lovely but slightly scatty designers and deliveries sourced by all of the above. In contrast to his clients, Chris has handled all the resulting chaos and tension without ever raising his voice, complaining or skipping a beat!

In short, we have no hesitation in recommending Chris and his team. When you renovate, you hand over responsibility for a lot of your family's daily happiness and your hard earned money to your builder. Trust is therefore very imporant, and you can trust Chris to get the job done."

Justin - Sydney

We engaged Burmah Constructions to undertake a major renovation of our home, and we were impressed with their approach from the outset.

Quality of workmanship and clear lines of communication were critical factors in selecting a builder, and we were not disappointed at any stage of the project.
Chris and Matt (Site Supervisor) were professional, responsive and accessible at all times, which was ultimately key in delivering what we consider to be a successful outcome.

We would have no hesitation recommending Burmah Constructions, and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Anon - Mosman

We engaged Chris and his team for a renovation at our home. They handled a rather tricky job at a good pace, in line with original estimates and to a pleasingly high level of workmanship. I have read other testimonials on this site and we enjoyed the same pleasant and satisfying experience as all the others, all of whose compliments we happily endorse.

Chris and his team are fair dinkum and we would not consider another building or renovation project without dealing with him. We are happy to confirm this in discussion if required.

Jacqueline Wallington - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church, Randwick

Burma Construction has carried out many projects for Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church in Randwick. Over the years, each project has always been carried out in a professional and timely manner. Their attention to detail and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Their workmanship is second to none and they have always given a first class finish. It is with pleasure that I give my highest recommendations to Chris Griffin and his team at Burma Construction.

Anna and John Glynn - Spencer Street

Why we chose to build with Burmah Constructions

Having sought a few quotes for the building of our house we were impressed with the efficient return of Chris’s quote as well as the organised way in which it was presented. The structure of the quote made it easy to work through each stage of the scope of work. That, and the friendly and open manner it which Chris presented himself, meant that we were able to work through each stage of the project and seek answers to our questions while at the same time understanding what the costs would be. Chris was also able to demonstrate that the building site would be a safe-working environment and that through-out the project consideration of our neighbours would be taken into account.

Why we would recommend Burmah Constructions - The quality of the work

Our first impressions were correct in that Chris’s easy-going professionalism meant that he had a good rapport with his staff where any required changes were quickly communicated either up or down the line. Similarly, we found that all the sub-contractors used were straight forward to deal with and quick to make useful recommendations. The weekly site meetings were on-time and constructive. Changes to the plans were always followed through.

The building site was always clean and well organised. Work each day started on time and the sub-contractors were well coordinated. Safety was never an issue. Our neighbours even complimented us on our choice of builder.

The management of the budget and the communication thereof meant that we could keep track of each stage of the project.